Tuesday, 1 February 2011


What my work is about

My work is mainly about having fun and showing my personality through images.
At the start i had no idea what i was aiming for and now i have finished i still don't know what i was aiming for.

How my idea developed

My idea developed from sweets, it hasn't really changed apart from it's more about friends. I could of changed it alot by changing my idea. The reason why i didn't change it is because i didn't know how my work would turn out in the end.

Equipment and techniques i used

The equipment i used was my Nikon D60 camera, natural lighting and in some photographs a lamp.
I didn't use a tripod because i didn't have one until the end of the course. My images could of turned out a lot better if i did use a tripod.
I didn't use many techniques apart from using aperture control, i liked using this because it let a lot more light in than the settings i was already using.

Problems i encountered and what i did to to solve them

I encountered a lot of problems. My main problem was my models not turning up also not turning up on time, i managed to solve this problem by finding friends who are more reliable.

Two artists that have influenced/relate to my work

Personally i don't think any artisits influenced me apart from Jane Bown she relates to my work by using natural lighting because most of my photos i used natural lighting. Another artist is David Hockney his edited photos are quite unusual, he influenced me by being out of the ordinary and do something that is unusual yet simple.

Am i pleased with my final piece?

No. I know i can do better, i have taken photographs before college that are a lot better than my final piece. If i could do this course all over again i would choose an easier theme and plan it all out before i start it, this is because i didn't plan anything i did, and it shows in my final images.

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