Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Initial Ideas

I haven't thought of any ideas for my project. Unfortunately i'm one of those people who think of a theme on the day of shooting.
All i know at the moment is that i'm going to use people and sweets as my theme. Yet again there is an "unfortunately" which is the people who i know that aren't camera shy, are not very reliable, this may set me back a lot when it comes to keeping up with the class.
The down side to using sweets in a photograph is that it could look too commercial like i am trying to sell the sweets.
I have been looking at photos with sweets in but i didn't come across many.

These are the kind of photos i want to aim for, even if i am on a tight budget. I know that spending money on sweets that's going to be wasted isn't the right choice for someone on a tight budget, but it's something i am passionate about doing, if i chose a simpler theme i probably wouldn't have the passion to try hard.
One of the reasons why i chose sweets is because of how vibrant the colours can be.

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