Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Photo Shoot 1

I took some photos for my topic. I'm not sure if these will be part of my final photos. I will be taking more.

The things i used were:
Nikon D60 with a 18-55mm lense.
Also a lamp for lighting.

These are my photos so far:

Due to not having a tripod this picture turned out blurry.
I think that this picture would of turned out well if i had a tripod as my hand isn't steady.
 For this picture i tried holding tracing paper over the flash to make her skin has a nice texture, as you can see it didn't work as well as i planned, if i do this again i think i should either use a darker shade of tracing paper or turn off the lamp which was on at the time.
For this one i didn't have the right setting on my camera. So the shutter speed was slightly slow and made the picture slightly blurry.

This photo could be a little brighter, but i also like it the way it is. This is because the model is upset so the lighting is showing her emotion.
I think the photo would look better is the background was a little brighter.

 Due to the model not standing still this photo came out slightly blurry.
To make this picture better i could sit the model down.

This picture should be lighter.
The reason it is dark is because i turned off the lamp and i turned on the main light.

This is my favourite photo i took. I like how the light from the lamp hits her face and part of the lollypop.
To make this picture better i could of angled the lamp more in front of her.

Most of these photos were taken when the models were preparing to pose. I found it more fun this way because they look better when they're not expecting it.

I tried a little bit of editing too (the editing software i used was GIMP):

This is my favourite edit, i like the cartoon effect.
This is how i did it:
I opened the picture and duplicated the layer.
I went to Colours > Brightness-Contrast.
I adjusted the brightness and contrast until i had 3 strong colours.
After that i went to Colours> Desaturate.

I have to admit i did this for fun, but i think it turned out well. I opened up the lips picture and drew round it with the free hand tool (or it could of been create a path). I then copied and paste the lips onto the picture.

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